Monday, July 21, 2014

Edmodo is a fantastic learning management tool (LMS).  Edmodo offers teachers tools to deliver lessons and quizzes, take polls, record students' grades, view the academic progress of student groups and individual students, connect with parents, communicate with students and collaborate with each other.  Through Edmodo,  parents have access to their child's assignments, assessments, due dates and information shared by the teacher.

 Teachers can organize lessons and events in a planer.  When teachers enter assignment due dates into their calendar, the information appears in the student's Edmodo planner.

Teacher created assignments… 

and quizzes posted on Edmodo are available to students anywhere.  The quizzes are automatically corrected.  The results are entered into the Edmodo grade book. 

Teachers receive "credit" for each student Edmodo account.  The credit can be used to purchase apps from the Edmodo store.

Items to share with students and colleagues can be added to the Edmodo library.

Teachers can join in collaboration groups to communicate with each other.  

The Howard County Public School System provides Edmodo to all staff and administrators in the county.

I am very excited to work with Heather as we introduce Edmodo to teachers at Lake Elkhorn Middle School for our internship.  We will work to provide training and coaching to teachers so that they can become comfortable with this program and enjoy the features that provide assistance to them.  I have read many articles about research outcomes supporting the theory that the most effective way to improve students' academic progress is to have a personal connection with the student.  Edmodo tools provide timely information about student progress in class.  Assessment grades, history of completed assignments, and collaborative comments of colleagues about student progress can give us a quick snapshot of how a student is doing in school.  Assignments and upcoming assessment dates entered into planners can help students stay organized and meet deadlines.  Edmodo communication tools for parents provide the important connection between home and school so that students can receive the most support.

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  1. Thank you for posting all of those screen shots so I can see what this actually looks like on the inside. It seems like this is the Walmart of online tools for teachers. Would you say that a teacher that commits to learning and using Edmodo and all of its features would likely not need any other online tools? It seems that by covering assignments, parent contacts, polls, assessments, apps, etc. it really is one stop shopping.