Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today I explored Discovery Education Web2014:Web 2.0 Tools - Video Tools.  There are three, free video integration tools:

  • Animoto.com - easy tool to create unique videos from photos, video clips and music
  • Animoto.com/education - video creation tool designed for use by students and teachers
  • PhotoPeach.com - create slideshows with built in polls and quizzes.
The video tools have a variety of pricing plans that provide a limited free edition and additional features with monthly fee plans.  

I played with the free edition of Animoto.com and created a slide show of family photos shared with me recently. It was easy to download pictures from iPhoto.  The music is pre-programed.  I am still exploring the music options. I am sharing the URL to view the video. A feature that allows videos to be embedded in blogs is only available in the "pro" edition.

This tool could be used in a "getting to know you" tele collaborative project.  The Lake Elkhorn Middls School (LEMS) 6th grade chorus students and chorus students at anther school could exchange slideshows.  They could take pictures of themselves and use a recording of their performance of a song for the music to accompany the slide show.  We could create two slide shows, one at the beginning of the school year and one at the end of the school year.  Pictures would reveal how the students had matured physically.  Recordings would reveal how students had matured musically.  

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